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Have a squeaking noise coming from the A/C pulley. Pretty sure it must be the clutch or bearing.

With the A/C off the squeak is there, when A/C is turned on the squeak vanishes.

This is not a whine or grinding noise like I have heard with bad compressors, but rather a squeak. It has a new serpentine belt.

Does anybody know if this can be done with the compressor in place on the car ? The bentley manual says little on how to do this. Only thing I can find is on page 87-31. It does say is

"Refrigerant circuit does not need to be discharged to service A/C clutch.

If A/C clutch is to be serviced without removing compressor remove intercooler first (1.8 engine)."

Since this is 2.0 and now intercooler then it sounds like it can be done. But I have no idea what I need as far as tools or parts.

Any help appreciated or maybe pages from another manual like chiltons or haynes. The bentley looks to be of little help.

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