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Hi again...still no one has any other replies or suggestions?

I am still dealing with air conditioner problems on my daughter's beetle with problems similar to yours. I took mine to a air conditioner specialty shop and they said the compressor was bad and not building up enough pressure. If they were to fix it, they would replace the expansion valve, the dryer, and the compressor. Those are the parts that will need to be replaced in the deal. The cost of a good compressor is about $250-$300, the dryer and expansion valve are not too badly priced. The problem is the labor costs are outrageous. I have not done the air conditioner on a beetle, but I don't see where it's that hard. Money can be saved if you can do it your self or have a relative that is a good mechanic. I would try an independent Volkswagen shop with a reputation for good and fair work. If you own a Volkswagen, you should know of one! I would recommend you get the car checked out and a quote to fix it. This quote should cost less than $50 and can be applied to the repair if you choose to fix it there. Never, ever go to the dealership if you can help it.

How old is your compressor? What brand is your compressor?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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