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Thank you in advance for any insight and help, this is seriously frustrating.

I would like to start with I have been searching here all day and I have found lots of hints and conflicting advice so I am going to try to ask you directly for your wonderful help :)

1999 Beetle, 2.0 gas engine, MAF = 13months old, Postcat O2 sensor = 13 months old, Vac Lines = never changed by me (at least 3 years old)

I had the following codes: P0112, P0422, P0103
  • Found a dropped hose and reconnected it
  • Unplugged the MAF because I suspect it has stopped working AGAIN
  • researched replacing Vac lines with silicone (in the process of ordering parts)
  • Researched MAF testing (unplug, etc)
After I unplugged the MAF, I cleared the codes and drove the 30 miles to work. After I left work for home, the CEL came back on and I now have these codes (UNplugged MAF) :
  • P0102
  • P0112
Now, for my questions:
  1. Is the P0103 becoming the P0102 because the MAF is unplugged? Are both of these codes due to a Faulty MAF?
  2. Is it possible that this all the Vacuum lines' fault? Is that likely?
  3. I found 4mm silicone (Inside Diameter) line, is that right?
  4. One of the codes suggested that the IAT sensor is malfunctioning, is that PART of the MAF or no?
  5. The red connector thing for the MAF is chipped all along the top, could this be part of the problem?

Thank you so much for all your help!!!

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My maf plug; had the same exact problem, the red portion that "locks" the terminal ends in place were loose with those pieces broken (the red/black part was crumbling and the interior black portion broke easily when I tried to remove the terminals). I did not get any codes; from this issue but I did go ahead and replace the plug. I got mine from the dealer and it was not that expensive. Just like many plastics in the engine compartment; the heat seems to make everything brittle and they break easily. You will need to release the locking pins on the wiring ends to get the wires out and install on the new plug.
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