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A new fan and a bucket list car

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Surprising little package, I recently picked up my 2001 vw beetle, 5 speed manual 2.0 with 224,235 miles ( yea, I paid for a car that's lasted twice as long as my previous vehicles), it was a spur of the moment strike of luck ( good or bad I'm not sure yet) my 03 honda accord coupe committed third gear suicide, forcing me to drive my wife's fishing vehicle, a 01 ford expedition eddy bower edition ( eddy bower must be a raging alcoholic) that gets 11 mpg and I had to drive this beast 50 miles a day for work (I'm a contract framer), sold the remains of my accord, with its immaculate interior, body and otherwise perfect mechanical condition due to its 5000 price tag for a questionable repair on a manufacturer defect (not acceptable for recall) for bill money.
I ramble, sorry, anyway..,
I drove past this little silver bug on my way to work, twice a day for two weeks, wondering what was wrong with this little car that kept it from being purchased, one day, against odds I won't bore you with, I managed to get enough time to test drive the little beetle, I didn't plan on it at first, no... I drove past it like I always did, but then I pulled over, turned around, and drove back into the little tiny dealership ( the dealership was at a remote cross-roads intersecting country roads zz and k) I pulled up and got out, and began my once over of the little lonely car. A man popped out of the seemingly empty building and asked me immediately if I wanted to take it for a drive, I agreed. He tossed me two keyfobs tethered together and said "see ya in a bit"
I have to admit, my first drive wasn't gentle, I ran that little bug to the redline in every gear on those hilly country roads, in my mind I knew I couldn't afford this car, not with three kids and a newborn and having to spend 120 a week in fuel to get to work... All those ideas pressed on my mind as I crested a hill moving at 110 mph, and a voice in the back of my mind shushed the thoughts... This car is a 4 cylinder... It sticks to the road better than my 85 celica gts! I punched the clutch and dropped into third gear, let out the clutch and cranked the wheel into the turn... Very little rattle.. Barely any roll... Mashing down on the gas throwing the bug into fourth and fifth, I effortlessly climbed the next hill...
I believe the bug is enjoying this!
I decide that before I break something, or get pulled over for my one car rally race I head back to the backwoods dealership to hand over the keys and make some excuse for not attempting to buy it and get my butt home..
The salesman approached me after I parked the car back in its lonely spot by the road. I held out the keys anticipating that he would want to take them back. He stops, standing next to me, just looking at the bug... My arm outstretched offering the keys... And without looking at me he says. "Can you manage 500 down?" I blinked.. My arm still out... But sagging under the weight of the two key fobs.. "I don't know I.." I trailed off.. "Let's go inside and see what we can do." He smiled at me... My arm dropped...
Needless to say, I had the little beetle at my house the next day... The guy had apparently seen me drive by a hundred times twice a day for months in the ford behemoth... The only thing that stands out in my mind was when he said, "I don't know why... But I trust you... I don't do this normally... But I will finance you in house"
The short of it is I've been driving the little silver beetle for a week now... It's not perfect... The fuel guage doesn't work (stays at 3/4, I've pulled the pump and cleaned the contacts and checked the wires to no avail) I've had it die on me once flashing the ecm light and break light (only once mind you) only to have it start back up and drive straight to the mechanic where it passed its vehicle inspection without a hitch... It's stalled on me twice (I believe because it was nearly out of fuel and may have impuritys in the fuel tank) without any trouble lights light up... Again only to have it start back up and get me to a fuel station. ( I had estimated it had gone 310 miles on a presumed full tank)
The dash is scarred up... The driver side door vinyl is sagging... Fuel guage still doesn't work, cup holders are cracked and broken, the "abandoned-musty" smell has almost dissipated... And I'm coming to terms with the floor mats that have "Porsche" written on them in faded white letters.. And I've almost got all the sticky off the switchplates and handles..
I love this car... Despite the issues... I still love this little car...
I have a few cars on my "bucket list" to own.. Just to say I've owned one... An old dodge cab over panel van (like the mystery machine), a fortys or fiftys era mercury coupe, are just a couple of the Carson my list... Now I can scratch "vw bug" off the list.. And if I don't manage to fine the other cars on my list.. Or even buy them... I will still be happy....

That's my story...

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You have learned something that we already know: Your New Beetle "called out" to you, and it was destiny that you have it now! :)

I suggest that you get a beverage, a comfy seat, and read this thread:


So happy that you joined the "Round Crowd". Welcome to the Org, and Welcome to the New Beetle! :party:
Welcome to the Org! You have come to the right place for all there is to know about the New Beetle! We have many mechanics and people who have spent a lot of time under the hood, so if you have any problems dont hesitate to post it up!! :)
Welcome to the New Beetle forum. Last week I also bought a 2001 GTS with the 2.0 engine and a 5 speed manual. It has 121,000 miles and is a 2 owner car according to the very clean Carfax report. The only thing missing is leather seats and I am looking into what it would cost to add the leather seats. What color is your car? Mine is Reflex Silver.


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