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About the Trunk Plug

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Hi everybody!

I am new one here and my wife just got her beetle a few mouths ago. Beetle is great with full of joy.

Here I want to know about the car audio adding mp3 or phone or just 3.5 input wire,or Bluetooth better.

I just want to use the trunk plug instead of changing the monsoon. I posted the pictures about our beetle

Could you give us any products(Links) suggested from ebay or online shop ?

Thank you!!


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If you are able to get an answer, I would like to know, too.

Maybe I'll ask a local car stereo shop. :)
You can get a Dension audio adapter. It will let you plug in your iphone / or 3.5mm audio cable and run sound through the VW Audio system.

It's similar to this: Dension GW1LVW1 EnfigCarStereo.com

You plug the Dension adapter into the CD changer port, run the iphone cable from the Dension to where you want the iphone. You can control iphone tracks with the radio buttons.

PM me - I have one for sale. I sold my VW Beetle a couple months ago and took out the adapter before selling.
Theres some REALly cheap adapters that plug in and provide you with a 3.5, like $5 cheap. Don't get those.

It could have worked but VW didn't like that idea. It will physically plug in, and it will play your music. ...for 2 seconds. Then the head unit will detect that you don't actually have a CD player installed because it didnt get its secret coding, and mute the audio. :mad:

You have to get one of the electronic versions that send out that code. Yatour is one. Most of them Ive seen are in the $60 to $70. You can easily pay $150, but its not necessary.
I got an adapter off of amazon for under $40 and it plugged right into the back of the radio. Only problem is that i can't use CD's any more. It's not a big problem for me, everything is on mt Iphone. It only took about 15-20 Minutes to install
Just put in an aftermarket head unit. I installed a Pioneer MVH-X560BT Media Receiver. Sounds great and now I have bluetooth and usb to my iphone and HD Radio. I do have a monsoon system so I had to add a relay to the amp to stop the battery drain from the amp.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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