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Hello Everyone!
I am at wits end on getting my brake bled on a 2001 VW Beetle TDI. I replaced the ABS Module and the VagCom Folks help me recode it to 0001025.

I have replace everything except the front calipers to include the Master Cylinder. I have power bled the system but, still have a mushy brake. if the car sit for 30 seconds.... no brake pedal at all.... goes to the floor.

I ran a full diagnosis on the vehicle..... with the following results. Not really worried about anything except the ABS right now.

I am thinking I have air in the ABS block...... not sure how to get it out, if that is the problem.

I can't get the ABS unit to cycle with VagCom.... Guessing that is why I can't get the air out of the system. Below are the results of a full scan on the vehicle.

Any thoughts??

Address 02: Auto Trans Labels: 01M-927-733.lbl
Part No: 01M 927 733 KA
Component: AG4 Getriebe 01M 4836
Coding: 00000
Shop #: WSC 00000
VCID: 79AF11B4E0C9624F8D7-0962
1 Fault Found:
01316 - ABS Control Module
49-10 - No Communications - Intermittent
Address 03: ABS Brakes Labels: 1C0-907-37x-ABS.lbl
Part No: 1C0 907 379 C
Component: ABS FRONT MK60 0103
Coding: 0001025
Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
VCID: 2A0DFEF850EF19D7B4D-5160
1 Fault Found:
01276 - ABS Hydraulic Pump (V64)
008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent

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Well, it sounds like the factory vw codes; are telling the story, the coms to the abs unit are down and not working!

Now, whether or not; these are the current status of the brake system or these are left over codes, when you disconnected the plugs, replacing parts, is a open question. You might clear codes and see; if they come back. I know, it seems; when you lose allot of brake fluid, you may have to do the abs pump bleed routine with vcds.

If you replaced allot of brake parts and lost allot of fluid; then, you probably have substantial air in the brake system. I would think, you need to solve the abs pump communication issue first and then, you should be able to communicate with it and run the bleeding routine in vcds.

Here is a basic bleeding info page:

There are many pages; discussing using VCDS to bleed the abs pump; I did this a number of years ago and it was a pretty straight forward process.

You might fill us in on the history of the car, the reasons for the brake repairs to begin with; also, on the parts you replaced, if the abs unit was confirmed the same as the original part (new, used, rebuilt, etc?) and if you can confirm, the abs unit can communicate with the ecu? Lots of open questions and you need to confirm; that the abs controller is working and everything is communicating together, as it should be. Thanks.
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