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Mine is a 2000 2.0 L GLS Automatic, with 129,600 miles on it. My car is otherwise maintained well and drives well. I am retired so I don’t drive more than about 2000 miles a year.

The ABS light on the dash remains ON mostly. Sometimes it goes Off, but then it comes back ON in a hurry.

I have checked the brakes on a side road with lot of compacted snow / ice on the road, by applying brakes abruptly. The brakes don’t lock, but turn on and off rapidly as it should. So no issues with the ABS itself, Just that the light remains ON.

i just would like to remove / disable that bulb, so it is not a distraction while driving. Any suggestions appreciated. I have read that these cars, assembled in Mexico, are good mechanically, but do have some electrical issues.
Thank you


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I removed the cluster, which is not too hard.
Didn’t find any way to access the miniature
light bulbs.
Looked like a sealed unit with a transparent
Polycarbonate sheet in front ans a circuit board
at the rear. The bulbs weren’t visible nor
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Thanks for all the replies.

I think I didn’t word the question correctly.
My question should have read , how does one
replace the miniature lights in the instrument cluster

Sorry about that.

This video has some information, but the instrument lights
appear to be LED in the 2008 model. Possibly they may be
the older style mini bulbs in the 2000 model.

After removing the instrument cluster I couldn’t figure out
how to access the bulbs, which this video has clarified.

My seat belt unlocked indicator bulb doesn’t light up, so that bulb
needs replacing too.

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Pretty sure there are not any bulbs; that are replaceable without de/re- soldering, on the circuit board.

Here is a testing and repair video: its for a Mk 4 Golf but the principles are the same:

If you want to test all the bulb locations; you can run the speedo cluster test mode with vcds (it will light up all the icons, the sounds will activate and sweep the gauges).

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Thanks for the video. Helpful.
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