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ac clutch staying on

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I have a 2000 gas beetle 2.0 liter the last couple of days I have had a dead battery in the morning, this morning i found that the ac clutch is staying on over night and draining my battery, I pull fuse #6 for the compressor and it disengages I have spent all day trying to trace down this problem with no progress. Any help from you will be gratefully appreciated.
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I think the most likely cause is the fan control module which acts as the relay for the A/C clutch also. See this thread for info about the module:

I had replaced the fcm about six months ago when I was having trouble with the fans not coming on, do you think it still could be something else or just a faulty fcm.
The fuse for the A/C clutch is #16, not #6. The only connection from fuse 16 is to the fan control module, so if removing fuse 16 fixes the problem it is most likely to be the fan control module.
You are right I am posting from a phone, I thought I typed #16 but #6 showed up :( I will replace the fcm and see what happens, thanks for your help.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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