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AC Compressor surging on and off - how to do I get to intake manifold to clean it?

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So i bought my beetle in the fall, used. And quickly after buying it I realized that whoever owned it before me did not give a single **** about maintaining it. One of the things I wanted to fix recently was the AC not being cold, so I charged it. It was at 5 PSI, charged it to about 40, and it was great. Compressor ran great, air was cold, perfect for the summer. But now, when I click on the AC, the compressor just surges on and off, revving the RPMs every time it comes on, and the air isn't cold.
So I did some research, and I was seeing a lot of stuff about carbon build up in the system. Specific potential causes for my issue were:
  • idle air control valve
  • throttle body
  • EGR valve
  • clean the intake manifold
Can someone please let me know what the best route of action to take to fix this on these engines would be? And if it is to clean the intake manifold, can you please explain in ridiculous detail how I'm supposed to get to the god forsaken thing? Thanks so much :,))
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Annybupdates? Hopefully you have replaced the alternator and have gotten thru your move! :)

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Good work; i’m glad you got s high quality oem Bosch replacement. Remember, the headlight alternator exit trick; really speeds things up and much easier. Going with quality parts, typically last longer and reduces, having ti dir the job over again. Nothing, more frustrating; then, having to do a repair multiple times, because cheap parts keep failing. Do it once and do it right! :)

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Hmm, not clear on the alignment issues; sometimes, people install the hose retaining bracket wrong, the one that the bolts from the serpentine belt tensioner is with and this causes a belt alignment issues. This is a common thing to over look.

As to the hose being blown; that causes a boost leak and definitely affects the fuel trims and boost levels. This just happened on my 1.8T; by the way, what brand boost hose did you get?

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