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Hey Y'all,

Purchased my first bug in almost 10 years and didn't realize the A/C didn't work. It's my first with a 2.5L and also my first Convertible. The A/C is charged fine but what I found out is that the compressor doesn't kick on and neither does the cooling fan. It's the big style with the integrated controller. What I find odd is that even though the fan isn't kicking on I have not seen any overheating issues since I have owned it 3+ weeks which has included two 2+ hour trips and lots of stop and go picking up the kids in the car rider line at school.

Is there any switch that feeds information to it to turn on that I can test before installing the $400 main cooling fan? I just want to make sure I cover all my bases before shelling out the cash for it. If there is can you see the read out on VAG-COM?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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