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AC cuts off at 65MPH (2014 R-Line)

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Why? What's causing this?

So I took my 3 month old 2014 R-Line to the dealer to fix the sunroof that jammed. Supposedly a 2, maybe 3 day replacement. They ended up replacing the ENTIRE sunroof! Essentially the entire top of a '14 Beetle. 17 days later (today) I get it back. Sunroof fixed. That's the good news.

Anyway, when I dropped it off 2 1/2 weeks ago I also told them the AC cuts off between 60-70MPH. It then blows warm air. When I get it back today they told me the freon was low from the factory so they put more in and checked for leaks. Problem solved. According to them.

When I drove off the lot, I jumped on the highway and watched my GPS. Sure enough, at 65, it starts blowing warm air again. Below 65, its colder than it was before, but accelerate to 66, warm air.

Anyone have any ideas?
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The compressor is kicking off? Its under warranty; so, return the car and have them fix it asap, you might call vw customer care and log the problem with them, just to keep the dealer on there toes. If you don't get anywhere; you might get a vw of America regional representative/manager involved and get VW of America, to get it handled. Document everything and keep a log of the issues; especially, if things don't go as planned, the new car end up being a continual unreliable vehicle and you potentially could see a lemon law or buyback in your future.
Yeah, I've got that. I really don't think it will go that far. While it was a PITA dealing with the sunroof, they were good about dealing with it. It's far from a lemon. That train hasn't even pulled in the station yet!

My question was more of a technical one, what would cause this? What would cause the compressor to cut off at exactly 65MPH? Like I said, it's fine slower than that but cuts off and remains off faster than that?
Can you feel the compressor kick off?
My guess would be a vacuum problem.
But that really a guess

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I can't "feel" it kick on or off. But less than 65, it's cold. Just as it should be (now that they added Freon). Faster than 65, it gets warm.

They'll be hearing about it later today...
New appointment to get this fixed next Thursday...

When I talked to the desk guy he acted like he's not heard of this before. Despite that I told them about this 2 1/2 weeks ago when they got it the FIRST time. And he's been involved with this whole thing too.
Be persistent and don't give up; make them fix everything! Once its out of warranty; you are pretty much, on your own. Don't wait or procrastinate on things; bring up any and all issues (document everything); the longer you wait, the harder it can be to ascertain whats going on and many times, dealers will be less motivated to fix your warranty issues (if you don't come back and complain; they won't care). Again, if you don't get anywhere or have issues with service; log your issues with vw customer care, keep a journal of everything fixed, not fixed, etc. and save all documentation, receipts. New cars will have issues; main thing, is to get them handled! Good luck and keep us posted; as your issues and repairs, progress! :)
If it helps anyone, I found out over the weekend that it comes back on at 80mph. As soon as I hit 80, it starts getting cold again. And no, I don't know if it cuts back off again at an even higher speed.

Before anyone says that's the solution, just keep it above 80, I'd prefer to avoid speeding tickets just to keep cool! And when it's not working, it gets mighty warm real fast in the sun! So I need this fixed.
Move to Texas! Speed limits are 70 75 and 85.

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I figured I should post the solution for this weird issue. They checked again after a short test drive and this time there was a "compressor cut off code 5". They had never seen this code before so they ended up calling VW tech for help. Turns out my bug had an old version of firmware that had a known problem that caused this. They flased in the latest version and problem solved. It's now cold at ALL speeds!
Good! Your persistence paid off; hopefully, this info will help someone else with this issue! Thanks for the followup post! Glad you got it handled! :)
A/C cuts off

I have a 2 month old 2014 Turbo Diesel VW and it does this off and on when I hit bumps in the road, the A/C goes warm, it is not related to my MPH but this is ridiculous.
Take it to the dealer; asap and have them fix the problem, you might print out his thread and show it to the service writer and tech that work on the car. It is possible; that you car, has the old "firmware" as well... keep us posted on your issue and resolution of the problem. :)
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