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AC Issues

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Hey Lads,

My 1999 Beetle is not making any cool are whatsoever.
I purchased the car this way so I don't know when the AC worked last.

I purchased a set of gauges yesterday but I am no expert on AC systems. The compressor does kick in when the AC switch is pressed but no cool air.

The gauges show low on the highside and high on the lowside.
See picture.

Now the lowside is over 70PSI which is much higher than what I see recommended (45-50PSI). Is the high pressure shut off switch on the lowside or the highside or both?

I am just wondering if the PO overcharged the system and triggered the high pressure switch or does that prevent the compressor from kicking in? Maybe I answered my own question.

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It definitely looks like something is wrong, the low shouldn't be that high. According to this chart it looks like a compressor or control valve. It may be possible that it was over charged but I can't say for certain as that's beyond my expertise.

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looks like your Compressor is done. Here is what you can do to confirm that, If your compressor clutch is engaged/spinning and both electric fans are also running low or high and you read that same pressure on the gauges than your compressor is done or your expansion valve. I would replace the expansion valve first since it's only about a $40-50 dollar item. And if it winds up being your compressor it's recommended that you replace all three components anyhow, compressor-expansion valve-drier.
It does have a pressure switch, my 1.8t has it on the high side and it measures both high and low Freon pressures. it kicks off the compressor clutch. I just replaced my compressor a few months back so if you plan on doing the work yourself and have more questions hit me up a pm and i'll give ya me email.
Thanks for the help folks.

Since I live in Las Vegas where the temps routinely are 90+ degrees, I think I will just go ahead and replace the suspected components and be done with it.

The parts and their cost are nearly the PITA as the removal and replacement of the freon so while its evacuated, I might as well go through the whole system.

Might as well, hopefully it gets replaced soon and cools you down :goodjob:

If you plan on keeping the car for a while longer than yea that would be the right thing to do. Good luck man
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