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AC not working

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Just bought a New Beetle (2.0 litre gas engine, model year 99). The car has 200 000 kilometres on it and is a European model. Beetle is working fine apart from air conditioner which doesn´t work.

I read this page: No Compressor Operation in Volkswagen New Beetle. If I start (or switch on) the car (ac is on) compressor doesn´t spin nor neither of the fans in front of the car. I´ve checked the three fuses above battery. They all are good and the fuse box looks good and unmelted.

According to this page (http://www.justanswer.com/vw-volkswagen/3yctl-a-c-fuses-located-2001-vw-beetle.html) fuses #5 #25 and #16 behind the instrument cluster should be checked. In my car #5 and #25 were good but slot #16 was empty. Slot #16 has not connectors so it obviously belongs to be empty but I dont´t know which fuse is for AC compressor clutch in my car. Finnish user manual doesn´t tell anything about fuse locations.

The previous owner had ac service done less than a year ago. Everything was then ok and ac has later stopped working.

Any ideas of what could I do to locate the reason to the fault? Could I for example measure something with a multimeter? I would be thankful for detailed advice because I´ve not dabbled a lot with cars. Beetle's engine room is very tight so i feel a bit tricky to access parts.

And sorry for my poor English, I´m not native speaker.
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compressors currently have an electronic valve that when they fail cause the compressor not working, most end up changing the entire compressor, but the valve only costs about 50 dollars (in Mexico)

kompressorit on tällä hetkellä sähköistä venttiiliä, että kun ne eivät aiheuta kompressori ei toimi, useimmat päätyvät muuttuvat koko kompressori, mutta venttiili vain maksaa noin 50 dollaria (Meksiko)

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I bought a 99 about a month ago , someone had rigged a rocker switch from the radiator temp wiring to a fuse and then to the fan under the dash - I dont know why it even worked lol. The problem I had is a very common problem and I fixed it with this tutorial. Basically if your fan speed switch isn't working , The compressor won't get power. Read this through and perhaps it is your problem as well. - Bart

Thanks for answers. The last few days have been busy so I haven´t had time to familiarize myself with the problem. Today I just changed the ac filter which was very dirty.

My fan speed switch and the blower behind the glove box works fine. I also know that ac compressor clutch may break down but I think that in my case that´s not the problem because the radiator fans in front of the car don´t start to spin (when ac is on).

I think I just had to find out why the fans in front of the car don´t spin. I´ve understood that if the fans don´t spin, the compressor don´t start to spin.
You might familiarize yourself with a/c system; drill down, to the various components to troubleshoot and test them.

This manual is for a 2000 model: (look at subsections on the left; advance by clicking on "next page"; right top left of the web page:

Volkswagen Workshop Manuals > Beetle L4-2.0L (AEG) (2000) > Heating and Air Conditioning > Air Conditioning Switch > Component Information > Locations
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