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Hello all,

All of my searches for instructions to install an AUX port to the Monsoon radio system in the 2006 New Beetle refer to replacing the CD changer wiring for an adapter that enables a 3.5 mm auxiliary jack. It's a really simple installation.

Where this has me stumped is that my Beetle has the upgraded Monsoon system that has XM Satellite Radio built-in and no "CDP" button. In other words, it does not have a CD changer; it has a built-in CD slot.

I'd like to replace the CD functionality (which I never use) with an AUX port and wonder if this is possible. I can't find photos or diagrams that would show me what to replace in the wiring harness.

This is the installation I want to mimic.
This video shows how to replace the CD changer function for an AUX port. This is kind of like what I want to do, except my Beetle doesn't have the CD changer (CDP) function.

I presume I can replace the built-in CD function instead. I just can't find how specifically do to that with my particular Monsoon radio (the one with satellite).

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