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Same problem among many others...

Yes, I know this problem too well....and lo and behold, the little computer said the same thing about mine. Here is the deal; according the vw mechanic it is "HIGHLY UNLIKELY" that the airbag will deploy while driving....however, it also means the airbag will NOT deploy if you are in an accident. I am currently in a large dispute with VW corporation on this along with 3 pages of problems with my beetle which has 44,000 miles and is 5.5 years old. Don't you love paying $150 for labor for a part that will cost maybe $50 bucks...and be prepared, most of the problems that need fixing are almost impossible unless done by VW themselves. Dont EVEN get me started......frustration is way too mild a word to describe the huge amount of problems I have had, I could probably answer half the questions on this thread! :mad:
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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