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No NB Yellow Trifecta :(
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This DIY is for Replacing the Front Crank Seal of the AEG 2.0 Liter Engine.

The Rear Crank Seal DIY is here ... (not done yet)

DISCLAIMER: The author(s) assume that you (the reader) are reasonably capable with the automotive tools necessary to get the job accomplished, which means that you won’t glue your fingers together or use a cutting torch to get the bad part out and are smart enough to know not to try to blame or post ranting about anyone else if something goes horribly wrong ... AGREED?

These instructions were developed using the following NB...

1) 1999 AEG 2.0 Liter, 5 speed, O2J-EKG Transmission

As always, just remember to offer a simple thank you and credit to the original author (D2Beetle) when you tell all of your BUG buddies!!


ITEMS NEEDED: An eBahn Bentley DVD and/or Haynes Manual.

PROJECT COST: Tools, Parts and Shipping $259.72
... Special Tools $236.96 (Includes Shipping)

... Front Main Seal $3.45 (054 115 147 B)
... Crank Bolt $4.59 (06A 105 229)
... GAP Shipping $ 14.72

SPECIAL TOOLS: Volkswagen Special Tools and Equipment Program ...
... Seal Remover 3203 $102.03
... Seal Installer Assembly T10053 $17.02
... Counter Support Wrench 3415 $81.20

TECHNICAL NOTES: The Rear Main Seal is Pictured, but NOT Needed for this DIY; I went ahead and ordered it just in case I have to change it to.

WARNINGS: There are two types of Crank Seals, PTFE (aka Teflon) and the standard Rubber Ring with a Sealing Ring Spring. If the current seal is a PTFE then you MUST Replace it with a PTFE Seal, or it will leak. Also PTFE Seals require no lubrication for installation and the crank must be clean; free of oil and grease, which includes skin oil, do not overly handle the seal prior to installation.

CAUTIONS: For Non-PTFE Seals, make note of the Crank Rotation Direction, because you must install the new seal with the correct rotation. Also you will be working under the passenger side of the car, so take the necessary precautions to prevent injury.

MISC Information: Rear Main Seal $ 38.90 (06A 103 171 A)

So let’s begin ...


No NB Yellow Trifecta :(
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Step One: Jack up the front of the car and support with Jack Stands.

Step Two: Remove the Ribbed Belt (aka Serpentine Belt); the Ribbed Belt DIY is here...

Step Three: Remove the Ribbed Belt Tensioner; the Ribbed Belt Tensioner DIY is here...
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