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Thanks to KurumaMotoring on Ebay I obtained a pretty sweet diverter valve for a discounted price with free UPS shipping (mine shipped 3 days earlier than the planned arrival time).

Here's the link to the DV on Ebay: Agency Power Diverter Valve A3 A4 A6 S4 1 8T 2 0T 2 7T | eBay

First off, I haven't ever seen a review for this diverter valve. No videos of how it sounds nor pictures of what the product looks like installed. I would like to say this is the first unofficial review for this product :cool:.

Now for the DV, this thing is awesome. Twice as heavy as the original unit due to the reinforced aluminum build (Bosch is plastic). Its a bit larger as well. The whole device breaks down for cleaning and lubrication for an extended life (the Bosch unit doesn't disassemble). It features a nifty swivel vacuum line connector that allows for easy installation in the tight spot under the firewall in the New Beetle.

Installation time: 3 minutes
Tools required for installation: A pair of channel locks to remove the clamps on the T hose, the vacuum line just slips on. Some may want to put a clamp on theirs, mine fits super snug w/o one.

Now on to the performance of the DV. It sounds 25% louder than stock. There is a significant reduction in compressor surge. However, It doesn't completely cancel it out. I think in certain cases compressor surge is inevitable. I've heard Forge splitters surge at times. The swoosh sound is way clearer and cleaner. The best aspect to this DV is that the piston seals nicely when accelerating. The stock unit would sometimes slip open when it wasn't supposed to due to a weak spring which resulted in boost runoff. This DV has a stiffer spring and sturdier construction so boost runoff is eliminated. This results in quick boost up times and more solid boost pressure that you can feel immediately.

Here are some pics of mine installed.

20131025_140039 by CiboloNative, on Flickr

20131025_140029 by CiboloNative, on Flickr

20131025_140024 by CiboloNative, on Flickr
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