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Air conditioning issue - not the norm

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I have combed through threads, and I haven't seen this issue discussed, so here goes.

My beetle is a 2007, 110,000, definitely not super well maintained. Dealer is not close, and as we all know, Beetle work is expensive.

Got a new a/c compressor and receiver/dryer in March of this year. Worked GREAT all summer long - and lemme tell you, after 2 summers of toughing it out, it was glorious. The new problem has happened twice now: it literally turns itself off. Once in September, and then this past weekend, the a/c has just not worked at all when I cranked the car. My mechanic states that it is a computer issue, and that he's seen it in other Beetles, too. He plugs his computer thing into it, lets it reprogram the system, and it's back to like new. My problem is that it happened that second time. He says that he can't permanently fix it until VW recognizes the problem and puts out new software. Not looking forward to driving out to the mechanic every month or so to have that reset. I live in Louisiana, so just because it will be technically 'winter' doesn't mean I won't be using it...

I'm really just wondering if anyone else has heard of this before?
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Hey, to successfully diagnose the problem you will need to access the trouble codes and to pull the hvac codes, you will need a VW compatible scanner. The compressor on the later models; I have seen, do not have a clutch and ruin all the time. On a 2007 rabbit/Golf we worked on had a problem with a internal switch inside would fail, this would require a replacement compressor to fix the problem. Does your compressor have a clutch on it? There could be a number of different issues causing your problem: one of the classic issues is the fuse block on top of the battery melting and this would kill the electricity to the compressor. Read more about it here:


Another common issue; is the switch in the have controller failing or grounding out, causing a intermittent failure of the compressor to go on, when to depress the a/c buttons and dials.

You need access to a scanner that is Vw compatible: you can get a basic Vgate vs450 for $50 on Amazon but vcds from ross tech would be preferable.

If you can get us some trouble codes or more information from your mechanic, we will go from there and do our best to help!
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