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Air Conditioning O-Ring Seals For Expansion Valve and Accumulator/Drier

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Hi everyone...

I'm about to have my expansion valve and drier changed on my 2002 1.8T Beetle.

Neither of the parts came with any O-Rings. I have been told (and researched) that I should change all of the O-Rings associated with the expansion valve and drier.

I can't find the part numbers or sizes for these O-Rings anywhere. I've searched and can't come up with anything specific.

Does anyone know a VW part number for an O-Ring kit for the expansion valve and drier or individual O-Ring part numbers needed to change both?

Or, does anyone know the specific sizes and number of rings I need to change both the expansion valve and drier?

Thanks again!
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The easiest way to do that, if the parts don't come with specific o rings already is to match them up. Most shops that do AC work will have a large box with a wide variety in it already, but if you're doing it yourself, be sure to call around to auto parts stores in advance,and see if they sell the o'rings individually. It is not good to leave the system open for more than 10 minutes, unless you're putting a new dryer on it,which you are so that's okay. Just take a nitrile glove,cut the finger off,cover the tubes coming out and tape everything up as good as you can, then you can drive your car to go get the o rings if you need to. Just be sure to get green o rings that are an exact match, and pull a good vacuum for at least 15 minutes if not longer before you put the 700 grams of freon charge in it.

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Oh, and remember the golden rule. If it ain't broke don't fix it!

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I found this really neat part number database over the weekend. Take a look:


I'd get the replacement from the dealer. Not only does the size need to be right, but the material as well. It has to be compatible with the refrigerant and oil that is used in the system.
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