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Almost a year ago I was driving with a mixture of 1 ounce to 1 gallon of high octane and gasoline on my 1.8t. New Beetle 2000 (don't know if it has something to do).

And at some point I started hearing the camshaft tensioner rattle from idle until 2700 rpms. I also removed the air filter, thinking that I would get more hp.

The car would perform normally, until a few weeks ago, when I was driving at low rpms on third gear and the car stalled in the middle of the bay bridge.

The OBDII indicates 3 codes:
Code 0342 indicates a "faulty camshaft position sensor"
Code 0102 Air flow. And P0411 Secondary air injection.

I guess that some particle passed through the air vent and clogged the air intake on the cam? Could this be the case?
My other version is that the camshaft tensioner broke, since it was making noise, and prevented the camshaft from moving accordingly. I took the spark plugs out: Three of them were soaked in oil.

I changed the oil, the spark plugs, and tried to start it. It sounded like the crankshaft is not moving.

The plan is to put the car in TDC, remove the timing belt, the head and replace the camshaft tensioner. How do I find the right way the intake and exhaust camshafts go? Do I have to replace the valves?
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