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Airbag light codes 01738, 01739, and 0532

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I have an airbag light on and got the codes listed above. These are the both front crash sensors. 0532 is supply voltage B+. Being it is both sensors and a voltage fault, I'm thinking it is a harness/plug issue. Can someone direct me where the cable runs and/or any method to troubleshoot.

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What year and trans; is your new beetle? We can give you some links to service manuals but i would check for the recall first.

http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/01738 (note vw tsb and R6 / 69H1 Safety Recall: call your local vw dealer and see if the recall was done)



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If you're getting a supply voltage code, I'd check your battery. The airbag system hates it when the battery gets low at all.
As an update, I gave up on fixing myself and took it into a local German repair shop, they replaced the two front crash sensors and so far no Airbag light. My concerns about it being a harness issue were probably wrong.
Was this a salvage or wrecked car? Glad you got it fixed.

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Car had a clean title. Previous owner said his wife hit curb and parts of front suspension were replaced. The front of the car looks original.
Interesting, maybe the accident; popped the crash sensors? :confused:
The PO said the air bags had not deployed, and it appears that is true.
I wonder if the crash sensors; are one time use, like a airbag? If that is/was the case; that would make sense why need to be replaced

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I agree that a low/bad battery can and will falsely trip crash sensor codes on these Beetles. I have had this happen on my 2003 2 times and the crash sensor did fail early on due to bad solder joints and was replaced under a Recall.

I had a failing battery and the car sat for a while while my daughter was off at college and when I started the car with a weak battery the SRS/Airbag light came on immediately. The code was for the front crash sensor, cleared the code and it did not return until I had the battery low again after the car sat for 6 weeks. Cleared code and the SRS/Airbag light has not returned while the car has been daily driven.

I deal with a LOT of BMW's as well but have never had any SRS/Airbag errors due to low batteries, seems to be sometime in the VW design??
My 2005 New Beetle Convertible had the SRS airbag light come on. I took it to a mechanic who found codes 01739 (pass. front crash sensor) and 00532 (low voltage ). I replaced the battery, although I don't think it was bad. I had the codes erased by the shop. Airbag light came back on after about 15 miles.

I removed the crash sensor. Checked the two pins with an ohm meter and found it to be completely open circuited. The following is my understanding of how the system works:
I thought there was supposed to be some resistance across the pins of the sensor. And I thought that this resistance told the airbag control module that the sensor is in place within the circuit, and that caused the dash light to go out. So with no resistance, the airbag light comes on, since the system does not recognize the presence of the sensor. Furthermore when a crash occurs, then the sensor contacts close, which deploys the air bag. I MAY BE TOTALLY WRONG ABOUT THE ABOVE. IF ANYBODY KNOWS BETTER THEN PLEASE SET ME STRAIGHT.

What I am trying to decide, is whether to replace the crash sensor or not. I hate throwing money and parts at a problem, guessing at what is wrong.

I have photos of the sensor taken with my phone, but cannot seem to load them into my computer. I will be glad to send them to anybody who sends an email address. The part number is: 6Q0 909 606 H
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Here is the service manual links; for the crash sensor info but I do not see any specific testing info:

Volkswagen Workshop Manuals > New Beetle Convertible L5-2.5L (BPS) (2006) > Restraint Systems > Sensors and Switches - Restraint Systems > Impact Sensor > Component Information > Locations > Crash Sensor For Side Airbag, Driver's Side G179

I guess if you got a known good sensor; you could test both of them and see if they tested differently and that could confirm, if they are good or not?

trouble code definitions:



crash sensor: ($60-$80)

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I am hoping these two photos will attach.[/ATTACH]


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I would greatly appreciate it if someone who has one of these sensors would take an ohm reading between the two pins within the sensor, and let me know the readings. Mine is open circuited, which I think may be my problem, but I just don't know. The dealer did not have the part in stock so I could check a new one. Thank you so much.
Well, I bought a new crash sensor. And the ohm reading across the two pins is 10,250 ohms, if my reading and interpretation of the scales on the multi-meter is correct. At any rate, I believe my old sensor, that was open circuited, is why the system displayed code 01739.

I will install the sensor and then have the codes erased. I will follow up with a progress report after that. Hope this helps others.
Well, after replacing the G284 front passenger side crash sensor, I had the codes erased again. And this time the airbag light has stayed out, thank goodness. The problem is solved.

Lesson Learned:
On this particular car, and I expect many others, IF THE CRASH SENSOR IS OPEN CIRCUITED, THEN IT WILL TRIGGER THE AIRBAG LIGHT. Hope this will help others.
I'm glad to hear, that you got the car fixed and a bad sensor makes sense, as the cause of the problem! Good job and thanks for documenting the solution, to your airbag light issue! Troubleshooting threads containing full details of problems with a explaination of the resolution; are the best thing, for others to learn from and are a powerful resource for others to use in the future. Thanks again! :)
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