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Alarm is driving me crazy

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Hello all,

my girlfriend recently got a 51 plate beetle. the alarm kept going off.
if you had the doors locked the alarm would go off after 5/10 minutes, if you had the doors unlocked , they would lock themselves then the alarm would go off after 5/10 minutes. after doing some research I took the door lock modules apart and re soldered all the points on the PCB.
put it back together and it was fine for a week, the girlfriend last night sent me a message sayings its doing the same again. Ahhhhh

anyone have any ideas on how I can get this sorted?

Cheers in advanced
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You need to replace the door locks control modules. Once the PCB's break, any repair is temporary at best.
Does your trunk open like it should? There is a micro switch in there too that occasionally fails and could cause the same problems.
Any trouble codes with a vw scanner? :confused:
Hi Guys, Thanks for the replys. I think the boot opens as it should, either pressing the button on drivers door or on the key and the boot pops, so you can get your fingers under and lift?
the only scanner I have used is VCDS lite and it doesn't have any faults related to locks, maybe I need to have another look for errors,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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