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I'm having major problems with the alarm in my 2001 beetle. It started yesterday for no apparent reason. Whenever I tried to start the car, the alarm would go off. Today, the alarm stopped going off when I started it, but began again when I opened my trunk.

What is going on? Anyone have experience with this?

I took it to the VW Dealership and the first thing the service manager says is "your door looks out of alignment.. I think that may be a part of your problem." No, you moron, my door/tires/steering wheel (effected by allignment) are fine, I'm here because my alarm won't SHUT UP and its driving me insane. He told me he could do a diagnostic for $150 (ouch) and even then that may not determine the problem. He thinks it could be a latch problem and couldn't give me an exact estimate of how much that may cost...

So any help with this would be appreciated! Is there a wire I can cut or a fuse I could take out? According to the guy at the dealership there isn't, but he seemed like he was just trying to suck the money that I don't have out of me.
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