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Hello folks, I know it's Xmas but I'm hoping someone can help me out. One of my presents was a car charger for my phone (I desperately needed it!). I went to go test it out and it didn't work, tried it in my moms car and it worked. So we tested some other things in my outlets and nothing. We looked at fuse position 41 (as per the diagram) and there wasn't a fuse in that position. I've searched the forums and some people are saying 41 is the wrong one and 27 is the right fuse position, so I'm confused.

I have a 99' 2.0 and right now there aren't any other problems. I'm not entirely sure what to do. I tried putting a 15 in the position my diagram stated (#41) and it blew 2 fuses. My dad took apart the car and everything look good, all wires good, nothing crossing.

Does anyone have anymore insight? Is 41 even the right position?

Thank you!!!
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