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Always wanted one

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Hello to all. This is my 1st post ever, so hope it goes well. Rode in beetles in the 70's and always wanted one. Retired now, sold my truck, and went to Craigslist blind to find 1. A NB is a NB, right???? Found 1 and got it about 6 months ago (San Diego, Ca. area). A couple months ago I found the org. and what the education (many thanks) I got. I do feel lucky of my blind selection so far..... 'Melba', my
'98 silver 2.0 5 speed with ALMOST 60,000 miles on her. She runs perfect. All I have done is change the oil.
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Welcome aboard! You've joined the ultimate community for modern-day water-cooled Beetles. This is not only an educational site, but we as a community also have many get-togethers all over the country. Some of these gatherings are small and geographic-specific, but there are also bigger events that draw 1998-2014 Beetle owners from all over the place. Every odd-numbered year in June, several Beetles converge in Roswell, New Mexico. Every May, a very popular event takes place in North Carolina (Tail Of The Dragon), and every October, another cruise takes place in the Talimena region of eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas. In addition, a few water-cooled Beetle clubs are resurfacing in different parts of the country. You should check out the Southern California New Beetle Club. :)
Welcome to the great and wonderful ORG! Many fantastic cars, people and answers lurk in this great land. If you haven't done so already, take time to fill in your profile and post a few photos so we can ORGle them!!
Welcome, from Texas. I rode around in air cooled's during the 70's also! But I was just a kid back then. 23 more years and I can retire too!
Stick around, you will love it here. :)

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I just remembered a folder the guy I bought the car from gave me. It was full of warranty work and oil changes etc. from the original owner. The original owner was a professor in Colorado. Looks as though there were many issues with the car during warranty time, but seems as though they have since been fixed. I have the original bill of sale. He bought the car in Boulder, Co. on 5-4-98 for $18655.06.
Any the literature on a timing belt and waterpump change?

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Yeah, if that timing belt/water pump hasn't been changed, you're going to want to do that, just 60K miles or not, because the car is 16 years old.

Is that a Beetle GL (Base) or is it a GLS with a sunroof, heated seats, etc.? I'm curious because a Base Beetle in 1998 had a MSRP of under $16K , but in the car's early days, everyone wanted one so badly that there were waiting lists and price-jacking at dealerships.
It is a base NB. I did see where a serpentine belt was replaced, along with radio problems but all works now. There has also been a strut replaced, brake work done. The guy I bought it from got it for his step daughter. He put tires on it and had it professionally cleaned. He also had the car checked out so it would be dependable for her. Things didn't work out with so I bought it.
Welcome to the New Beetle, and the Org. We are a fun bunch, and full of knowledge. I would recommend getting your timing belt, water pump, and tensioner replaced. They are only rated to 80k-ish and known to fail before then. Also being 16 years old, your probably on borrowed time.

Dont let that scare ya away! These are fun cars. Also, dont forget to share some pics, we love pics.:)

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