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Just bought a second VW beetle for my daughter after her first was a total lost after a small crash. The only problem with this, is after buying the first i decide the second is going to be on the lower end of quality. With that in mind this second Beetle's radio was trashed after someone thought they get the code by removing the radio, except they had know idea how to remove the radio and trashed the front of the radio. Now i just bought a radio from a junk yard with what i thought was the code, which of course didn't work at all. So i need help getting radio working.

Now is there an issue with the code i received with the radio not matching the vin number of the car? Are they linked together somehow?

Vin Number of the radio.VWZ9Z7X5024617

No manual and the VW dealer is all help if bring the car in and pay $80+
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