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Another noob from SE Missouri

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Hey everyone! I bought myself a 2005 GLS just three months ago. I got it to replace my severely aging 1999 Dodge Stratus, which I loved, but virtually everything is failing on it except the engine, transmission, and brakes. So far, I'm really impressed with it. I'm still giddy over the six-speed auto...never experienced something like that before.

When I bought it, I thought the car was dark green... but, I find out later that it's "dark flint gray metallic." I'm colorblind, though... so it looks green to me. lol

Here's a picture I took shortly after I bought it:


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Actually, it's "Platinum Gray Metallic". And, it looks great! :party:

Welcome to the Org, :wave2: and Welcome to the New Beetle!!! :clap:
Thanks! I must have got the color confused when browsing color options online... still looks green to me, though. :)
Welcome to the great and wonderful ORG! Many fantastic cars, people and answers lurk in this great land. If you haven't done so already, take time to fill in your profile and thanks for posting a few photos so we can ORGle them!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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