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hello all
i have a 2007 new beetle, 32000 miles on it, runs great. crranked up this a.m. and the temp light came on. checked the resavor and it was about a 1/4 inch below the fill mark. got out the manual and read a part about use only g-12 antifreeze that is purple and do not mix any other antifreeze with it. after about 3 minits running, the temp light went out and stayed out. should i just add a little water to it and keep an eye on it or try to find some g-12 antifreeze.
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Yup. I'd just add some distilled water to top it up. Grab some G12 when you get a chance to have around. But water is fine for now. You're also in GA so you should *fingers crossed* be getting out of the really cold weather.
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