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BRM's with the proper bolt pattern and offset can be found on CIP1.com for a decent price.

You can also get some steelies, and use some caps of your choice. Click the NB in my sig..... it's on 15inch Jetta Steelies with Rabbit bottle cap hubcaps, held on with og hubcap clips bought off of CIP1. We have some other things planned, but it's one of 3 cars that all get attention and money, plus the house. Hoping to have a few more things done before show season starts in March.

Other things I have done..... Air Cooled steering wheel in my MK3 (67 wheel), also used a shift knob from CIP1 that was designed for an AirCooled car. Seat belts, I am running OG style 3 point belts with the chrome buckle and the wolfsburg crest.

Other than that, I have thought about fender turn signals.... but haven't really seriously considered it. Maybe once some other stuff is done I will grab a set and see what the wife thinks. I would want them to be functional though, and I really don't want to put holes in the fenders...... so probably will never happen.

I missed out on a smoking deal on a PIP wood slat roof rack a year and a half ago and I am still kicking myself (this is another one of the discontinued parts people spoke of). Was sold a lot as a dealer add on (at least at my local dealership) back when the NB first came out.... now you can't find em anywhere, and if you do it's usually someone who knows what they are worth.

There used to be chrome headlight trim on ebay, not sure if there is still any of any quality floating around new though.

In the end most of it ends up being up to your imagination and fabrication skills.
What did u have to do on steering wheel
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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