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Hello all,

When starting her up cold she makes a horrible low sound, loud and deep, and then sounds like a fan comes on too.

She was doing this when a bunch of vacuum leak codes were present when the two gaskets needed replacing around the brake booster. They replaced the gaskets, cleared the codes, sound(s) gone, but now they're back.

These are the codes it is throwing now (CEL is on) which are NOT the same as the codes it was throwing with the gaskets were leaking on the brake booster:

BPCV N249 P2261

Bank 1: Camshaft A (Intake): Retard Setpoint not Reached (Over-advanced): P0011

Secondary Air Injection System: Incorrect Flow detected: P0411

Is there a connection between these codes and the gaskets on the brake booster???

Am I causing any further damage by driving it like this?

It drives fine and the loud noise and fan both stop after about 30 seconds on cold start.

I am selling her after I get this latest debacle figured out--any takers? Haha just pay off her loan and she's yours ($5,870). TAKE HER PLEASE hahahahaaa before they haul me away to the funny farm buwahahahahahahaaaa ::runs away tearing hair out::::: :eek::crying::scared::crazy::crazy::crazy:

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My guess is the SAP/air pump bearings are bad. When working properly they should sound like a vacuum cleaner 3 rooms away, when the pumps go, they can be heard 3-4 houses away.

But, since the brake booster was just worked on, I am guessing the plastic pipe from the airpump is broken about 4 inches before the Kombi valve. This would be on the drivers side just behind the valve cover, large black ribbed pipe about 1" in diameter. Duct or electrical tape can be used for a temporary repair. The pipe is about $55 as I recall?

This is probably the noise as the SAP/Air pump runs about 60-90 seconds depending on the temps, where you are, maybe a bit less?

As for the intake cam code, either a sensor or I think these cars have variable cams and there is probably a solenoid that also controls the cam timing?

Clear the codes and see what comes back. Cam issue may be of concern depending on what the exact issue is. Might be a connector that was knocked/broken/left unplugged.

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I agree. When my hose broke i got a super loud vacuum cleaner type sound until i patched it with duct tape, and eventually replaced.
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