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I know of a few members on here that are hockey fans and I should've started this earlier, but your teams were either not in the playoffs, or they are out of the playoffs.

As some of you know, I am from the Chicago area and a big Blackhawks fan. I have been basking in our most memorable season yet. 2010 was a great ride, but this year is even better. What a series against Michelle & Randi's Red Wings! I honestly was happy to have them in the second round until after I saw them in the first round. What a way to finish of so many decades of tradition and rivalry.

On top of my team being in the finals, the other past 4 Cup Winners are also in the finals! Makes for a pretty awesome Cup Finals! I am excited to see where this all goes especially after a strong performance by the Hawks and Bruins yesterday. Good luck to the Kings, Bruins, & the Pens!

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