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Anyone cleaning up their NB today?

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What a awesome day today, anyone doing a cleanup job today?
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WOW, finally a day the weather is better in KY then FL!!!:D
It looks nice but it's actually alittle chilly. The hubby's trying to fix him anyway. Keep your fingers crossed he figures it out
I wish.
I have homework ... and no shorts to go out in. It is a nice day here as well. :( About 65 degrees F ... and sunny-ish. However, it does look as tho some clouds are coming in. RATS! :O Gotta wait until tomorrow. Or, until I get some shorts. :D
Couldn't do anything on the bug when it comes to cleaning today because of the rain. What makes it worse is that tomorrow is Spring Show and Go. Gotta wake up early tomorrow morning and make up for lost time.

At least I got a couple of interior mods done today:cool:
I would have but the hydrant is too far away...
i did, i did! curby's got a lot of orange sports and general nastiness that won't be removed until i do the SERIOUS hand cleaning. today he just got the carwash. better than nothing and i think he looks soooooper! :D
xXRockyHorrorsXx said:
awesome day? Its raining here :(
You guys got rain? It's been 2 months without it here...everything is crispy:(
Even though its been raining on and off today, i finally just bit the bullet and went and washed my car. over a week of dirt and crap from the rainy roads was on him and i couldnt take it anymore. It isnt raining at the moment, and has been stopped for at least two hours or more...It will rain again though...But at least he'll be clean!
Today was a great day!! Perfect for cleaning Daisy. I cleaned her really good after coming home from Texas (found a bumblebee in foglight - gross) so today I just wiped dust off her and sprayed some stains with some cool stuff I got from the Round Up. It's called Tropi Care - works awesome. A neighbor was having a party and a NBC harvest moon beige was parked across the street from our house. I tagged it of course;)

SPIRU said:
What a awesome day today, anyone doing a cleanup job today?
I think tomorrow will be a better day, we still had some rain this afternoon.
it's been nice here all week, today it was nothing but rain off and on. i was going to give my car a nice polish.
It's still kinda cold here, but I did manage to get my summer wheels on. Normally I would do it myself, but I needed the tires mounted on them too. Mmmmmmm gotta love Michelin HydroEdge! Great Handling, Great Look and Excellent Hydroplaning Resistance! The Goodyear RS-A's that were on the car were pretty good for performance, but they hydroplaned big time. I ended up two lanes over while driving at only 60Km/h.

I'm so happy now! I just can't wait 'til I can take out my winter mats and clean the interior, then comes the dash kit!
Though yesterday was a nice sunny day, I used it to get my Honda serviced (oil change and transmission fluid change) and day dreamed while sitting in a 2006 Honda S2000. Now there's 4 cyl hp......236 to be exact. And I love the old fashion "start" button on the dash :) I got the Beetle sertvice last weekend, sans air filter replacement, which I'm doing today. Rain is expected here all week, so any car washing is totally out of the question.
well since i coudn't do it yesterday due to rain...i did it today
a rub n buff polish n shine :)

look at that reflection :D
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Who Hoo.. Its 60 out today, so I ran some errands, and detailed Herbie. He looks all nice and clean, all ready for a small road trip in the am....

and to hit Ikea!
No, but I bought a Mother's Mini-powerball today (on sale for $19.99 @ Kragen Auto Parts). Can't wait to use it this weekend, weather permitting...
i did spent about 3 hours, wash, claybar, wash, turtle wax polishing compound, then meguiars gold class. my car looks awesome
Mines sooo dirty!!! He really needs a good bath!
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