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Anyone ever try erWin? VW's online based factory service manual; technical website? I'm finding; my Bentley, shop manual through the Windows XP based eBahn software to be restricting and frustrating at time, to keep compatible with my current computer setup and limitations at times (blank images of certain pages, lack of current tech bulletins without shelling out more money, etc.). I'm just wondering; if the paper "service manual" and "shop manual with eBahn" are just "lite" versions of the what Erwin has to offer. Erwin isn't cheap; at $35 for one day, I guess I could download what I wanted but supposedly... they have some sort of "self destruct" feature built into them... can anybody say "mission impossible"? This manual; will self destruct in....
I was wondering how this worked; I also, was wondering if they have implemented a "guided" repair feature; like, it seems the "official" VAS scan tools (I am told; since I have never used one) has. There are times; when I find eBahn lacking and I was wondering if erwin is a better solution or whether or not it offers more or better info, capabilities then Bentley/eBahn offers. Any info, experiences or opinions appreciated! :);jsessionid=A0710F64B1F97F73B3389D195186D4FB.ASTPVWE1

PS: I was told that Bentley has stopped making newer VW manuals and somehow their contract or relationship with VW AG; has ceased. This is just what I am reading on the web; I don't know if this is the case but maybe, an explanation as to why eBahn is stuck in the stone age with Windows XP?

As things move along; more, more, Erwin maybe our only option! :confused:
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