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Anyone upgraded their Upper Intercooler piping?

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Hi All, I know this is long shot but figured I'd ask because if someone has done this it would save me a lot of work in trying to figure it out myself.

I'd like to upgrade my upper intercooler piping on my 2002 Beetle TDI ALH and I've seen kits that always state (Won't fit VW Beetle), so I'm wondering if anyone has done this with custom piping. I see some people on other VW forums have done it on their Jetta/Golf but I'm afraid if I order the same size pipes as they did it won't fit the Beetle either. So, if anyone has specs, like 2" mandrel bend aluminum 45 degrees, 18", and the size and length of the elbows needed, that would be a life saver, thanks.
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I haven't but it is something I would like to do also. If I find anything out I'll post it.
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