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Anyone use Scotch Guard?

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Soon after I got my Daisy I realized that I needed seat covers since the cloth seats absorb ANYTHING that touches them! Dirt, water, coffee, etc, etc. So I broke down and got seat covers from TVA. Anyway, I like them ok, but I want to know if anyone has put Scotch Guard or something like that on your interior. Does it work? Does it smell? I'd like to have something put on the back seats since I have little kids in there sometimes.

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Yes, I spray Scotch Guard on my cloth seats. I usually spray them at night and leave sun roof and hatch and windows open so it will air out. It helps to keep the seat clean.

Yes, I've used ScotchGuard, but not in the Beetle (leather). It really does help, but make sure to thoroughly spray the cloth-- a light coat won't help much. The fumes will be a little strong for a day or two, but if you ventilate as Stinkbug said, it will be okay.

Good luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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