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search the old forum

search the old forum for it. i was looking for a few months then finally did it. i gotta tell you it was a pita but man it is soooooo worth it:D

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best from memory:

unbolt all fenderliner torx. unbolt all around the hood torx
5 10mm inside fenders each side
2 under fender each side
unbolt snow box
rip it out
remove headlights, turnsignals, grill and foglights, light connectors, and hood pins.
easiest 2 do with 3 people, 1 on the left, 1 on the right, and 1 in the center... gently pull the fenders out, and the center guy pull slightly. make sure not to scratch the body with fenders. you have to pull all 3 at the same time. (2 fenders, bumper)set it down.
you will have to extend the turnsignal wires, more wire is better. the connections will be different i think. i can not remember if the "other beetles" have running lights. i have my turbo-s memorized... if so you will have to rewire the tunsignals/running lights to make them turn on with the regular lights. i can't remember.
reverse operation is an easy install. just make sure to make the fenders go in first, secure it with a bol on each side. THEN worry about the bumper.
if i was there i would do it for you, but i live in dallas. lol..

i did marvins_dad's and mine twice. good luck. :)


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Did you do the Turbo S Conversion Swap?

Hi there,

I just came upon your thread and just asked this same question?

I'd like to know if you went ahead to do this Turbo S conversion swap?

If so, let me know if you used the info shared on your thread?


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I put a V5 Sport front (British version of the Turbo S front) on my Bug yesterday..... actually we (Doodlebug and myself) did both our Bugs - mine with the Sport front and his with the Votex.

It took us 7hrs to do the 2 of them - that was both at the same time, not one at a time. We ran into a few troubles along the way - neither of them wanted the indicators to fit (Doodle had to cut his bumper and we zip tied mine in) and my wings and old bumper were glued together because someone lost the fixings.... which made it a tad more difficult!
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