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Time to upgrade wiring to get a little more juice to Astrid's headlights.
There are dozens of headlight relay harnesses out there, but just about every one appears to be the same - right down to the same pictures used.
I don't see much benefit to replacing stock dental floss wiring with aftermarket dental floss wiring, shortened electrical paths notwithstanding.
Who sell robust relay harnesses?

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aa rodriguez/fixmyvw.com; sells new/upgraded headlight harnesses; that are supposed to fix the wiring failure problem. I emailed them and they can make/sell them for the new beetle:


According to them; they upgraded the wire quality and retained the correct oem plugs/connectors. Maybe they can make you a upgraded harness that you need (from the relay to the headlights?) or use theirs as a guide to make your own? Maybe you could send them your old one and they can duplicate it for you? Call or email them and see what they can do for you.

AARodriguez Corp.


[email protected]

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Let us know; what they say, as this may help other new beetle owners out there, dealing with the same thing.

I emailed them in the past and this was the "wiring guys" response:


My name is Tony. I build the headlight harnesses for AARODRIGUEZ. We don't normally sell them because the black connector for the Beetle is not available for purchase. We had discussed reusing a connector from and old Beetle harness
and building a Beetle harness with the upgraded wiring and new terminals. We got busy with other things and never pursued it. I would be happy to build you a harness with a used Beetle connector. It would come with the same warranty as our other AARODRIGUEZ harnesses, 5 years. The cost to you, including free shipping, would be $35 for each harness.
I could do, $65 for a set of 2.


There are also other companies out there; that specialize in harness repair/restoration; you might see what they could do for you as well:

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