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Hey everyone! First post :wave3:


My beetle had gotten into an accident a while ago. Afterwards, I got 2 new tires from Costco. I didn't know much about what tires were needed or anything and after the cost of repair for the car I just wanted the cheapest for the time being. :(

Here I had 2 Arizonan tires on my beetle as well as 2 Potenza tires lol!

I noticed the handling was BAD on the freeway of course! But amongst the accident and moving out of state it all just went to the backburner in my life. When I moved back, I drove on the freeway very often and noticed that the handling was a big problem for me and I wanted to see what was wrong. I did a google search and I was like DUH I have two different tires on my car! I completely forgot :confused:

I am not even sure that Arizonan tires are available for new beetles.


Are the Arizonan tires from Costco OK for new beetles (2000 GL) ? Which types?

Also are Goodyear Eagle RS-A good or any better for handling? I am considering replacing all tires with a better type if possible now that I have the money.

Keep in mind I do a lot of freeway driving. And a lot of freeway driving with that weird grooved pavement. Handling improvement is important. I hate feeling like the car is unstable. I want to confidently go a good speed on my way to class and work. :D

Thanks in Advance !
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