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assumng it's a wheel bearing.

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Only had the vehicle (beetle), 2002, for 3 weeks. In that short time,I've noticed a howling from the left front wheel area.
I can only assume it's a wheel bearing. Not overly loud, but loud enough to notice. Lard knows it's only going to get worse with time.

Anyone replace these? Are they a bear? A lot of special tools required?

Tks in advance for any/all info.

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Piece of cake.
Typical front-wheel-drive sealed bearing.
You are going to want to find a shop who will let you borrow their press. Or you could take it to them, and flip them 20 bucks and they'll usually press it in for you. It takes about 5 minutes to press the new one in. :)

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I have to disagree here, i've done many and none have been a 5 minute job. the last one i did i had to use my mill to cut down the inner race because it would not come off even with getting it white hot with an acetylene torch. Pressing them in is fairly easy as long as you have a press but you also have to do it correctly and not overdo it or else you can destroy the preload that you do with the nut on the hub when re-installing them.

also, if you do end up doing it yourself do not get anything but F.A.G. or else you will be redoing them real soon.

good luck

here are a couple howto's

Thanks for the replies.
I can only assume (again), that a little axle press (bolts onto the hub assy), and after removal of axle nut/washer), you have to press/push the axle thru as well?, or is it a fairly loose slip fit that way?

I've done many ford (Taurus/sable, etc, etc), wheel bearings, but never a beetle/Volkswagen).

tks again,
I thought I had a bad bearing. I've worked on cars all my life and was totally wrong. Turned out to be the tires.
I thought I had a bad bearing. I've worked on cars all my life and was totally wrong. Turned out to be the tires.
Yes, always rotate tires first!
If it sounds like a mud grip tire that gets louder with speed, and doesn't change with the gears, it's probably a wheel bearing.
And yes, but if you have the front wheel drive wheel bearing kit (screw type) it is about the same procedure as any other front wheel drive car. :)

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I agree with h_2_0, Unless you have a home press handy it's not a fun job you have to disconnect everything from the steering Knuckle; ball joints, tie rods, struts, sway bar link, calipers, cv axle, abs sensors.........then take the whole knuckle to the machines shop and have them press the old bearing out and press the new one in...then reconnect everything back on......go get an alignment.
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