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Auto transmission problem -- missing 4th gear?

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I recently purchased a 2000 Beetle (2.0l auto) and from what I can tell it never shifts up to 4th gear. When in Drive, it does 80kph at 3000 rpm, 100kph at 4000rpm (or a smidgen under 4000), and 110 at about 4200 rpm. Do those rev counts that sound too high to you?

When cruising at 100kph, if I move the gear lever back from D to 3, it makes no difference - there is no downshifting.

If this does show a problem with the transmission system, is it a known/common problem?

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Yup known problem. Some have good luck by replacing the valve body or solenoids.

A permanent repair is a 5 spd swap, the infamous 01M really isn’t a good transmission at all and with the age of these vehicles (99-03) I regard any vehicle so equipped as a parts only vehicle.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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