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Auto transmission will not engage after fluid change

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HI GUYS! NEWBIE VW beetle owner. Bought 05 convertable with 90k miles, drove hour and a half home no issues! Parked ,left in park, changed timing belt and pump, axles, beakes, and coolent. Changed tranny and filter, serviced with dealer fluid $25a liter. Now wont go Iinto any gear, wheels spin freely even in park, makes grinding noise going int park, only have abs left fault on diagnostic, ( had it on trip home also). Disconnected battery, no help, put more fluid in, no help. Im lost and frustrated. I dont know what to do next. Thx
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4 speed or 6 speed trip tronic?

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Check fluid levels; at the Correct temps, check out diy's for more info:


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How many liters did you put in? Most take 5+ to get it to fill till it runs out of the overflow when it gets up to temp.
Found the problem, the cv axles I replaced didn't lock ( click) in place. Thanks for the forum info. Couldn't do it without you!
Yep, was going to say that one or both of the axles were not fully snapped on.

The 6 Speed Tiptronic has snap in axles, not bolt in axles.

OP, I hope you did not discard your original axles and I hope you did not install sub $100 axles!
CV axle repositioning.

Locusts, how did you lock the cv axles back into place? Did you have to remove and then re-install?
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