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Automatic Spoiler degrading... options?

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My 2003 1.8T ("Color Concept") New Beetle's spoiler is starting to degrade; the parts that slide against each other to pop it up have been corroding and it looks like in some places the corrosion has destroyed what looks like a plastic-y outer layer.

The specific reasons I say it's degraded are that
  • There are clear 'clunk' sounds in the middle of deployment/retraction, like it's grating over the rough spots, which are obvious jags in the formerly level line. I've had this car for 5 years and know what "normal" sounded like for 4.5 of them.
  • When retracted, the left side no longer sits flush but is popped loose more than the right

I did apply white lithium grease a few months ago - which solved the problem of it getting jammed and not being able to deploy, but which doesn't do much for the current problem.

So, questions:
  1. How expensive is it to have my garage replace the assembly?
  2. How expensive are parts if I try to do it myself?
  3. How hard is it if I try to do it myself?
  4. Are there other temporary remediations I should consider?

Any help appreciated!
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Did you check the problem via VCDS?

I had an issue about my spoiler wasn't working on the correct speed. (opening and closing) I've gone to my ecu remapper and he installed the default software and problem solved.
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