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Automatic Transmission Won't Downshift

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Hey Lads,

So this is a new one to me.

Was driving the bug around today as I work out the remaining issues. The car had never done this before until today.

I was driving around the block and came to a stop sign. Upon moving forward again, the car was really lugging and would not accelerate very well. The next stop I decided to manually shift the car to 1st on the stick and it had all kinds of getty-up. Shift it manually up through drive with no issues.

Left it in drive and at the next stop sign, same thing.
Seems to me that when I come to a stop, the transmission is not dropping the car back down to first gear.

Looking for threads or assistance in helping me figure this out.

I have yet to do a transmission service on the car so that may be all that's required but I was wondering if this is a known issue with these cars.

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Well, to start with; what year, model, trans and engine are we dealing with? How many miles are on the car? Please fill in; your profile info (date, location, car), that way we can help you more intelligently in the future.
Yea sorry,

1999 GL
2.0L, Automatic
120K on the clock

Well, we can assume that you have a 4 speed 01M transaxle/transmission. Valve bodies and stuck solenoids; seem to be the primary issue seen around here. You could start; by getting the car scanned for trouble codes but many times, there won't be any.

This guy offers rebuilt valve bodies and has allot of good info about the 01M, you might contact him and see what he has to say about your situation.

Look at the "how to" and "faq" sections for info about the 01M.

Info about the valve body rebuild service he offers:

01M or 01P Valve Body Repair $390 Labor + solenoids | Kansas City TDI
Thanks for the info.

I put my scanner on it but there are no codes stored at all.

Have heard stories of Transmission ECU's messing up too which might make sense here since the car was perfect doing small test drives (currently not tagged). Then, all of a sudden it won't downshift.

Although it very well may be something mechanical, it happened pretty suddenly.

I would contact kansascitytdi and see what he says. What scan tool are you using?

Please fill in your profile info (goto your "about me"; to fill in the info); that way we can help you better in the future! Thanks! :)
I will give him a shout.

This morning I drove the bug and it shifts fine now.
I am assuming that the transmission was hot the last time as I had been idling the car for quite a while to fill the system with R134a.

Now that the transmission is cooled off this morning it seems to work fine. This makes me believe that I am dealing with a valve body problem as I have read plenty around this forum.

The car has 121K on it and I have no idea if it ever had a transmission fluid change or a valve body service done. I may just go for it as preventative maintenance while I service the fluids and filters, etc.

You might get a trans service kit from these guys: they are offering a 10% off discount until sept 8th with discount code "labor2015x": Look up your car by application, to get the correct kit.

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Vw Automatic Transmission Fluid - How To Change Vw Transmission Fluid - Ravenol
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