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Howdy folks...okay here's an issue I'm having and I'm about to pull out what hair I have left...which isn't much. Since I've had my 2007 VW NBC, I've had an XM receiver in it...well not in, but mounted on the dash. Up until the beginning of this warm driving season I've had no audio problems. Then all of a sudden the signal begins cutting in/out. Now I understand that while driving along side tall buildings or under the canopy of trees, the signal will go away...but in my case the signal loss is occurring while I'm driving down an open country road with no buildings or trees in he immediate vicinity.

I thought for sure it was the XM unit and so did the install I purchased a new XM Express receiver. Had it installed Thursday. Got prescribed to the satellite again and away we go....back to the same old problem!:mad:

Is there any chance that there is a short of some sort in the front panel jack? Or maybe something within the audio system? Kind of difficult to prove as it does not happen all the time. Just wondering if anyone else on here has had a similar situation pop up.

Thank you in advance and I apologize for the novel here. :)

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