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Hey all,

I rely on these forums for help when deciding who to buy from - and unfortunately I've had a pretty bad experience I need to share.

Bought a timing belt kit for my Passat 1.8t -- partshaus.com got the order because their site claimed: "Our team carefully selected and tested every part to ensure the perfect fit and quality. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed."

As it turns out, they send out a kit with incorrect parts for the engine they advertise it to fit. Close, but not right. And when you're talking engine seals and timing belt kits, even a small difference is a problem. So, now I have a complete oil seal failure after less than 5,000 miles. Luckily I caught it before the engine was toast.

Now I recognize that anyone could accidentally send out the wrong part -- in this case, when I realized that their kit did not contain what it should have, I brought it to their attention and they argued until they were breathless. The lack of customer service would have been comical if it hadn't been so expensive.

I had the dealer provide them documentation showing they were sending the wrong part, sent them links to 5+ competitor's sites listing the correct part numbers… and still, they claim they didn't send me the wrong part and instead that "Audi has been doing some really weird things lately with their cars" (Like many things the manager told me, this statement didn't make sense given the situation.)

This has been about one of the worst parts vendor issues I've ever ran into. Most places would be glad for a customer to point out an issue with a kit - instead, they argued non-stop, claimed they'd look into it but never got back to me, and drug me along for over a month.

Anyway, long story short I'm out hundreds re-doing a timing belt kit with the right parts. Their final offer? $15. HA! This ordeal cost me $700 to have fixed, not to mention the time wasted on the phone.

Anyway, be warned: IF you buy from partshaus.com or europaparts.com, you'd better double check everything they sell you on a more reputable site. Call the dealer. Do whatever you need to ensure THEY are not your source of any information. Lastly, check that you get the right parts when the parts come in and hope to high heavens you don't need any service after the sale!

Lesson learned. Bummer! :mad:
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