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Back in the "V-dub club".

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Good afternoon all,
Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Toby, I live in Colorado and have been a V-dub fan since 1985. I built my first car with the help of my dad in 1987 ('73 std Beetle). For the next 15 or so years or so I bought, sold and traded my way into 25+ air cooled VW's of all types and loved every minute of the money devouring, monster hobby. I sold my last Squareback in 2001 to move back to CO from San Diego and had been Dubless ever since. My daughter bought her first car a couple years back while in college ('02 Beetle turbo). When she moved to Fla. to continue her school I drove with her and all that she owned in that little car and fell in love. Recently when it came time to look for a new(er) car for myself I started hunting for a Beetle of my own. I'm happy to say that I found what I'd hoped, but not thought possible, to find. Two weeks back I found an awesome little car and had to have it. I'm now the owner of an '04 Beetle GLS turbo with just under 43k on the odo. I'm back in the "v-dub club" and am super stoked to get going with a rekindled passion! :D
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Welcome to the family! Be sure to start yourself a photo thread or garage for your NB. :goodjob: :party:
Welcome aboard. We're also on Face Book as: New Beetle..."The Collective"
Welcome to the org, I'm glad you found us. This site is a wealth of knowledge for all things New Beetle. Feel free ask questions and to start a photo page and share your progress with the group.
Thank you for the welcoming and the suggestion(s) to start a photo page to track progress. I'll get started on that sometime today. I'll also check out the Facebook page. This is going to be great! I wish I would have had a place like this to visit when I was doing the air cooled Dubs. I've already seen more useful info here in a couple days than I did in my first couple years doing the originals. Thanks again.
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