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Well My bug was all week without much action (used the 206) and got pretty low on battery energy so I tried to turn it on and it was 1 micro amp from starting up :mad: You know the time when you turn th ekey and it just goes hhoaaap...tici tick tick tick...and your dash gets all the Christmas light on....so I put cables from the 206 to the bug and jumpstarted it.

Holly cow it started and 10 seconds afterwards I had the EPC. the ASR lights on and then TA da the ever present CEL...DANG since it was saturday night, I took out the 206 went to the movies and told miself to relax and fix the car today (Sunday).

Well it started alright (barely) but I still had the 3 lights on and the idle was very VERY BAD (like if you are presing on the gas and let go, pressing and let go you know JUMPY, misfiring and everything :mad: DARN BUG.

So I took out my Laptop and the VAG COM and scanned it it had like 17 codes!!! all starting with "low condition voltage present"

So I cleared them and inmediatelly I threw a code of the throttle body, cleared and then it came again so I though my TB was out of alignment or stuck.
So here it is the procedure to align your throttle body in case your batery dies and then you have real bad idle. rough idle or just bas startin up.

with the key on start but the engine not working (first position on the key), log your vag com (SEE PIC 1) , and go to the select control module, afterward there will be a screen and it will have the option (ENGINE) click on engine then-----> this screen will appear (SEE PIC 2)now when you get there you will see 6 boxes on the left side (fualt codes etc) and 6 blocks on the right side (which are labeled advanced) one of those is labeled BASIC SETTINGS 04 press on there and the next scrren will appear (SEE PIC 3).


On pic 3 there is a box on the left side I have circled in red type there the number 060.

Then Press the button that says GO!

On the green circled will appear some values. observe the values that appear and below those values will be a maximum and minimum values for the throttle body CHECK THAT THOSE VALUES are within specified range, If so the window with the blue circle will state: Body adaptation OK!

If it did not acomplish this repeat pressing 060 and GO! if that doesnt clear it then your trotle body must be remover from the manifold to check if its stuck, broken, disconected or blown.

I cleared it the 3 lights went away, the codes could be cleared and the bug accelerates even better than before.

Hope this helps when you have those darn light on or rough idle.


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