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Battery Drain

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2000 Beetle, odo and temp/time digital stay on even when car is locked and shut. Drains battery every two days. Any comments?
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That is NORMAL; all of those, stay on...even when the key is removed from the ignition switch. That is probably; not your problem, most common drain issues, are the stereo head unit or the amplifier in the trunk.

I would have your whole charging system checked; to make sure everything is working, as it should (battery, alternator, etc.). This can be done for free; at most auto parts stores.

If everything checks out ok; here is a good thread, on how to find a parasitic drain:

The problem is not the odometer or temp/clock module.

Also the alarm system and blinking LED's in the door draw current, but this is not the issue.

You have a bigger drain and/or a battery that may not be fully charged and possibly be compromised.

You need the battery fully charged and tested, then you can look for a parasitic draw on the battery.

I have not measured my car, but typically 50mA and below is what is expected for battery draw after 20+ mins of the car being shut off. Note that many of the cars modules can and will stay active for the first 20 minutes on shut down.

2000 may have been too early for the Monsoon audio system??

What about aftermarket items, cell phone chargers etc?
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