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BeccyBug's Blue TDI

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Here she is at last. Couldn't post on the day I brought her home as I lost my internet connction :mad:, but here are some pics I took in my uni car park yesterday (results day). As you can see from the front view, she has some pretty bad scratches under the front bumper (not my doing) and I still haven't got used to the length (you can tell by the 3 feet spare in front!) :eek:

Took the pics after I cleaned her (at 8:00 in the college car park!) since a rather large seagul decided to poop all over her that night. We had to make an emergency detour to the garage to use the hose and shampoo, then I spent an hour polishing! Lecturers and acquaintences walked by thinking I was completely nuts! :eyecrazy:

No mods yet, apart from the seat covers, and the little alloy plate my dad helped me make for the dead pedal (my first bit of metal work since I was about 12!). :p :eek: There was no flower when I bought her, so I put in some dried lavendar from my garden, and a uni pen since the colour matches! :flowers:

We called her sky for lack of a better name - I insisted on a name after we'd had her 3 days and nothing else really inspired. Oh - and maybe I am completely nuts, since I painted my nails matching colours in honour of my happy bug day! :crazy:


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Looks great, nice color.
But the steering wheel is on the wrong side! :D
rawr said:
But the steering wheel is on the wrong side! :D
Thanks for the nice comments - nearly one week on and I love her even more than the day I took her for a test drive! Although if the wheel was on the other side I may not have put my first scratch in the side :rant2: flipping Cornish lanes - that'll teach me to pull in to let two grumpy old women past :crying: Trago for coloured polish on Monday, and VW dealer for touch up paint, just incase.

Anyway - here's some more pics, of our first Sunday drive together as a family :D


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Nice bug and Love the color!
Your bug parked by the countryside is gorgeous.

Beautiful Blue Bug;) ! Great story and Pics! Congratulations!
Went to our first show this weekend :D down in Stithians. There weren't as many parts as I expected - most stalls were for the traditional bugs or campers, but we bought some stickers to pretty her up a bit, so here's the pics. My partner chose the one with the bug logo on it... just need to order a newbeetle.org one now :p The demented angel was my choice - think it describes me pretty well, and I had to get the slogan for the back :D

Birthday is coming up, and I've asked for tarting up bits for the car, so expect more pics soon.

Also - people are right about the car choosing her own name - I went with sky but it just didn't sit right - she wasn't a sky, she was a Jo, so Jo (4) it is now :D

I've also installed new mats in the front - the original one on the drivers side was dangerously thin when we acquired her, but no pics of that (although I was sad enough to paint the bug logo on the corners, cos I couldn't afford the £80 big rubber ones with the logo!) And managed to get some big flowers for the vase at the show - you can just about see it in the pic of the passenger side

Oh - I almost forgot - I got the TDI badge at last - individual letters as I wanted all chrome to match the one on the engine, and I pinched Breeze's idea and painted the screw covers on the number plate when I sprayed the number plate surround. No one will notice, but I know :eek:

Wow - didn't think I'd done anything to her at all - but I guess that's a good start!

Thanks everyone for your kind comments :)


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love the graphics on Jo.. nice
:darkangel: :batman: :joker: :strooper: :witch: :pumpkin:
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