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mrbeetlebrain said:
We found that the main problem with the Beetle and a baby capsule was the car hasn't got a middle anchor point therefore the capsule will have to be on the passenger side and will push the seat quite a bit forward, that and leaning into a coupe wouldn't be all that good, so we put the capsule in my wife's Audi, it sits in the middle position and the back of the front seats steady it as well.

Hope that helps, we got given a capsule so we didn't have a bit look around for a better fitting one.

Cheers, paul (another aussie)

PS - hope that reply makes sense, writing gets a bit difficult when your 2 month old won't sleep.
You have it in a nutshell, with no center anchor point, the seat needs to go behind the passenger seat. Which will require it to be moved forward a fair chunk.

As I am 6'3 and have to have the seat back a fair ways, it ended up behind my fiancee, thankfully she is only 4'9 so we were able to make it work. Crawling in and out of the back seat can be a hassle, but I found I am actually able to stand upright inside of the NB bent over at the waist with very little discomfort.

The bigger issue is the size of the trunk(boot) I had to try out 4 different strollers before I could find one to fit.
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